I was on my way becoming a priest in the Swedish church when I suddenly was not so sure anymore. I started to wonder what to really believe in time of ecological crisis and war


How can I keep my empathy when screens and images rule my world?

How can I use film and media to create connecton between body and spirit, matter and media?

In an attempt to orient myself in my theme and visual interest I made a short film out of the videos I had on my phone combined with an interview I did a couple of years back with a priest and activist

The outlines of a film started to appear - something like an existential road documentary, where the first step will be a journey to Kiruna where I'm suppose to meet a shaman as well as explore the mines and steel industry that is driving the "green transistion" in Sweden

To do further research into the subject of religious filmmaking and spiritual symbolism in art I made a videographic essay on the subject

To prepare for my journey to Kiruna i had a first meeting with the shaman online where we talked about alterned states of consciousness and environmental issues. Since I don't have his permission to show the interview yet I will share my documentation of my nervous preperation for it instead


In order to guide myself in my ethical considerations of the project I made a small manifesto. The bullet points are not meant to be followed dogmatially but rather function as points of friciton and reflection

And where would I be without my references? Here is a list of the work that have inspired me and guided me in the process so far

So where do I go from here? How can i keep documenting a process where matter becomes visible in the media and the spirit becomes visible in the body?

That's what we are here to find out, right?