K.G. Guttman

Dissertation at the Leiden University Repository:

K.G Guttman - Artistic Material

The artistic material of K.G. Guttman consists of two pieces:

(1) a performance at a distance (due to covid) entitled I asked my guest to close one eye' (2020)

(2) an exhibition in Toronto, Canada, entitled Visiting Hours (2020)

I asked my guest to close one eye (2020)

For this performance 'I asked my guest to close one eye' must take place in a residential site. The participant must arrange, through their personal or professional relations, a visit to someone else’s residence, (someone not well known to the participant), in order to gain access to one room that is not one’s own.

'I asked my guest to close one eye' consists of an audio recording that the participant may download and listen to with earphones. The participant will receive a small bag, containing items that may be opened through the prompts of the voice on the audio recording.

'I asked my guest to close one eye' choreographs ways of attuning to the material-discursive forces of one room in someone else’s house. The work is a mode of engagement aligned to interrogate ownership, settler colonial territoriality and embodiment in performance.

Exhibition 'Visiting Hours' (2020)

'Visiting Hours' is a relational performance-exhibition that positions the image as an encounter between performer and audience. I asked six artists to “visit” an image of their work. Six installations were created as a means of visiting each image.
A live exhibition hosted by an ensemble of performers, visitors are guided in relational and embodied observation techniques with a range of images and objects.

Here below you can find the documentation of this exhibition in video form and through images.