Tribunal for lake Vättern - a staging & a document in three parts

session 1, 34,5 min, HD video
session 2, 34,5 min, HD video
session 3: verdict, 34,5 min, HD video

A tribunal to hear the case of Lake Vättern. Involving allegations of i violations of Article 2 in the 2010 Earth Rights Declaration. The recording took place in Sigtuna May 2019.
As part of the project Climate-Just Worldings Lina Persson builds a storyworld, a vision of a different world. The film Tribunal for lake Vättern is a step in developing the jurisprudence for this storyworld. It is made together with the broad movement fighting for a new kind of law that includes nature’s rights. The tribunal was staged together with the Global Alliance for Nature’s rights (GAN). Developing her ideas around expressing non-human perspectives in film, Persson brought the water from Lake Vättern into the tribunal setting and centered the room and the documentation from the water’s position. With a 360 camera she aims at capturing a sphere with the circle of water at its center, focusing the documentation on the water surface’s reactions to what happens in the room.


Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

End Ecocide Sweden

Swedish Earth Right Lawyers

Färnebo Folkhögskola


Center for Earth Jurisprudence

Indigenous Environmental Network


Lake Vättern


Swedish Armed Forces


Hana Begovic, Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature


Stefan Mikaelsson, Sami Parliament

Tom BK Goldtooth, Director Indigenous Environmental Network

Margaret Stewart, Director Center for Earth Jurisprudence


Gunilla Högberg Björck, Environmental Lawyer


Pia Björstrand, Swedish Earth Lawyers


Nikolas Berg, 


Erena Rangimarie Rere Omaki Rhöse, daughter of the Whanagnui River

Carmen Blanco Valer, indigenous activist & educator 

Sara Ajnnak, Sami artist

Participants and audience at Earth Rights Conference Sigtuna 2019


Tobias Snällh