Moving Stills, Moving Stones


This work is composed by two videos, one in a tilted monitor on the floor and the other on a flat screen. The monitor shows a ‘sequence’ of a stone-lifting from the film Ama Lur, 1973. Next, the flat tv displays a video that begins with the technique of the ‘rostrum camera’ applied on still photographs that depict hands (extended palms with outspread fingers, clenched fist…) and later these same images are activated through the tactic ‘performing documents’. The work draws an explicit parallel between lifting stones and the artistic endeavour ‘to move’ images and it acknowledges that the haptic is located between the so-called still and so-called moving image.


two videos in loop, monitor on the floor (20 s.) and screen on the wall (5 min)

Research exhibition, installation view, space 1,

Primary, Nottingham, November 2014.