Looking for ... someone, something is about setting in motion oneself or others, a machine, a place, ideas, doubts, papers. Often we don't know why we keep looking. Sometimes there is a decision to take it seriously, to keep in touch, to commit, to get involved. Decisions can acquire momentum. Looking for might lead to research—a search that keeps us attached and that changes the attention’s direction and meaning: to look at something again and again and again until we begin to see. 

The decision to look for Colette Omogbai, a promising artist from the 1960s who vanished from the art scenery soon after, brought us to Lagos.... . 


Contributions by Odun Orimolade, Ndidi Dike, Temitayo Ogunbiyi, Seloua Luste Boulbina, Gladys Melina Kalichini, Lungiswa Gqunta, Jihan El-Tahri, Fatoumata Diabaté, Michael C. Vazquez, Garnette Cadogan.

Edited by Annett Busch & Marie-Hélène Gutberlet.

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