I am very grateful to colleagues in The Netherlands and abroad who have been very helpful in sharing their insights on auditions with me. It has been a wonderful experience for me to have had contact with leaders of great orchestras around the world, who have been so open and willing to cooperate in this research.  I am also very grateful to (former) students who have been willing to answer my questions candidly about their audition experiences.

My computer skills have certainly vastly improved by writing this paper.  I would like to thank Casper Schipper and Karst de Jong from the Conservatoire in The Hague for their patience.

Savas Tubbing has provided me with extra knowledge and help needed regarding sound registration and editing of audio and video materials.

I thank Toula Liasi for casting her artistic eye on the layout of my paper. 

Martine van der Loo’s expertise as an orchestral musician and psychologist has been invaluable. 

The advice and support which I have received from Kathryn Cok, my supervisor, has been a guiding light throughout my writing and I thank her for her commitment and positivity towards my work. 

Certainly not meant as an afterthought, I thank my children for putting up with their mother’s constant talk about her paper and the genuine support and actual help in the writing which they have enthusiastically and patiently given.