T H E  D A R K


International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research

DARE 2015 | Orpheus Institute | Ghent | Belgium | 9-11 November 2015

O P E N - A C C E S S   R I C H - M E D I A  P R O C E E D I N G S

Edited by Paulo de Assis and Paolo Giudici

Sean Crossley / Beau Deurwaarder


Independent Artist, Brussels, BE / Victorian College for the Arts, Melbourne, AU



The Poison Garden: A Sorcery Handbook


Part I: Day 1, 9 November, De Bijloke Bibliotheek, 16:30-17:00

Part II: Day 2, 10 November, Orpheus Penthouse, 10:00–10:30



“The Poison Garden” is a collaborative arts project uniting the visual work of Brussels-based artist Sean Crossley and the writing of Melbourne-based philosopher Beau Deurwaarder. Over its two-year lifespan, the efforts from a series of international residencies, conference presentations, exhibitions, publications, and strange experiments will be compiled into a conceptual handbook of sorcerous instruction. Anchored by a methodology of research and practice, this collaboration will permit a conceptual reimagination of the figure of the sorcerer and sorcerous practice, without recourse to conventional occult motifs or naive appropriations of witchcraft, mysticism, or magic. For us, the practice of sorcery is the careful procedure of the manipulation of forces, the directing of an alliance between incompatible elements, bound by strict pragmatic techniques. The promise of sorcery is the abstract enforcement that assures at once integration and interference: the jeopardy of security, knowledge, and actions, in the name of an anonymous pasture in thought. In whatever form it takes, the sorcerous performance experiments with accursed economies of capacity and consequence, captured exclusively by the efficacy of its ceremony. The excessive and the untimely animate the conductivity of this procedure, conjuring associations with the impossible from within the very boundaries of the possible. Implausibly, the practice of sorcery shifts the coordinates of plausibility that bind the framework of measured, habitual membership, and ordain the sorcerer to the peripheries of thought, in order for the potency of their curse to cast purchase.


This pledge to the material site of the anomalous interrogates and infiltrates the collective parameters of our work. Our collaboration operates as a discreet demonstration of the imbalanced and combatant forces immanent to the production of its presentation. What we are pursuing within our joint practice is a procedure that licences unnatural participation to take place: a spell bound by philosophical and aesthetic experiments as both an execution and an exorcism of their incantation.


This venture was born from a theoretical fascination with the “Memories of a Sorcerer” passages in A Thousand Plateaus and a collaborative desire to experiment with the instruction these short passages summon. Following a collaborative publication and exhibition in Brussels last year, we have committed the next two years of work to inhabiting this conceptual terrain in order to consider how heterogeneous models can be affiliated in pursuit of unchartered domains of practice. 


At “The Dark Precursor,” we will co-present a scholarly paper detailing the experimental procedure we have devised for our theoretical incantation to take hold. To do so, we will evaluate Deleuze and Guattari’s sorcerous visions alongside those of Georges Bataille, Alain Badiou, and Isabelle Stengers, as well as against the material forces that operate within our own practice. Our presentation will showcase a constellation of new work that will at once embody and interrogate the accursed conditions under analysis, in a format designed to surrender its facility to the fidelity of sorcerous contamination.



Sean Crossley is an Australian artist living and working in Brussels. His practice focuses on complexities found around the image, subject, and language. Prioritising the associative possibilities of images above their autonomy, he has used models such as theatre, industry, and alchemy to displace and reconceptualise language, expression, and abstraction. Primarily, he is interested in non-hierarchical visual spaces that encourage experimentation within the broader fields of image culture.

Email: contact@seacncrossley.com


Beau Deurwaarder is an Australian philosopher attracted to occulture, non-knowledge and schizoanalytic strategies. His work is inspired by the thought of Gilles Deleuze, Alain Badiou, Isabelle Stengers, and Georges Bataille. Beau hosted a solo exhibition in Melbourne last year, in which his work rewrote A Thousand Plateaus into exactly one thousand sentences. He also presented aesthetic research at the International Deleuze Studies Conference in Istanbul, as well as at conferences in France and across Australia. Beau is currently completing a Master of Fine Art at the Centre for Ideas at the VCA in Melbourne.

Email: beauanthonyd@gmail.com