3.1.1 The construction history of wagner tubas 

As explained by W. Melton (2008 "Fruition"), after the construction and creation of the first Wagner tuba quartet carried out by Georg Ottensteiner in 1875, the Moritz family created a new one in 1877. These were nicknamed "horn-tubas" and responded to Wagner's desires for a still-reduced bore size, although the bell throat remained huge by modern standards. This model was used for over a decade until in 1890, the Alexander family (a prominent family of instrument makers with significant importance in horn construction) created the definitive models of Wagner tubas. These were sold worldwide and became the dominant models. However, Wagner never had the opportunity to see or hear them as he passed away in 1883.

Of course, Alexanders are not the only models used, other builders created their models at the end of the century, like Johann Eduard Kruspe family or August Knopf, called the second generation of Wagner tuba builders.

And we must also mention the third generation of constructors who made their own models in the first decades of the 20th century, such as Robert Schopper of Leipzig and Vienna´s Productiv-Genossenschaft der Instrumentmacher.