5. Conclusions


Conclusions of the study: 

From the outset, this research has been focused on facilitating, assisting or improving the process of playing the Wagner tuba. Therefore, the whole study has tried to focus on the aspects that need the most attention and to provide the results and information in relation to these aspects. The conclusions of each of these aspects have already been explained in detail in each section, so the final conclusions are a brief summary of all of them. The PDF on the right compiles and explains in a brief and effective way everything that has come out of the study and serves as a basic guide for all horn players who consider it appropriate to use it for their personal development with the Wagner tuba.





Personal conclusions and experience:


The research process that I have carried out over an extensive period of about a year, has been divided into three different phases. A first phase of a more intellectual nature (compiling, reading and understanding this instrument from the narrations and explanations of professionals in the field), a second with a practical focus (spending hours with the instrument, adapting to it and trying to get to know it personally), and the third phase more investigative (trying to find the answers to everything known and experienced in the previous phases). In short, each one of them has had the purpose of nourishing me in different facets, but all of them with the same objective of making me know this instrument and developing me as a musician, a horn player and as a specialist of the Wagner tuba.


After all this, I can conclude that I now feel that I am a specialist of the Wagner tuba. I believe that the research has provided me with all the valuable information about this instrument and has created a new section in my personal store of knowledge. I believe that I have answered all the questions and doubts that I had before I did it and that from this, I myself can answer the vast majority of questions that someone may ask me. Of course, the world of research is very extensive and there are countless aspects that can be analysed and studied in more detail, which I cannot answer at the moment. But I believe that I have acquired a dense base of knowledge which I will be able to expand in the following years of my career, especially by playing the Wagner tuba in a professional way.


I consider this research, especially the practical part, as a fascinating and enriching experience. I remember the first sessions with the instrument very interesting and fun, like a child getting a new toy. I had never had the opportunity to play the Wagner tuba before, so this work has given me a very enriching and useful opportunity and experience for my future. At the same time I have also had the opportunity to learn about many topics related to this instrument, meet horn players around me, explore new music... Endless things that have made this work very enriching.


Finally, I am satisfied and happy with the results that I have obtained and that I show in the work. Generalising, I think that little value is given to the Wagner tuba among horn players, it is not given the time it requires and it is simply played, some people can do it with more ease and others with less, giving each one the importance that he/she believes convenient to it. Whatever one chooses to go into it, I believe that in this work I have given very useful and valuable information for better development, giving answers and talking about issues that can give problems when playing it and that without the help of someone who knows, it is difficult to solve or even raise. That is why I am satisfied with the overall result and I really recommend it to any horn player who wants to know more about the Wagner tuba.