Nahelli Chavoya is a PhD candidate at the University of Limerick, Ireland. She is a dancer, poet, and dance researcher from Mexico. All of Nahelli’s artistic practices, as well as her academic career, have always been entwined. Her research addresses the relationship between poetry, nature, and the experience of the dancer, focusing on her own experience as an Irish step dance practitioner and poetry writer. She is interested in investigating the relationship between her practices, and in exploring poetry as an experiential approach through dance.

In this residency, Nahelli will be working on an artistic work informed by her most recent art installation presented as part of her PhD. In this project, she researches poetry as an approach to reality and claims that dance can be assumed as poetry in that sense. In this research, she has noticed how her long walks in the forest and her dance-as-poetry practice are closely related. She will be exploring this relationship further.

Studio 11
Dates: Sep 4-Oct 2 




cliff dreams granite dreams  

                                   rock rocks

                                            and weaves seas

Granite Dreams


Poems written at the residency:  Granite Dreams, A voice, Heart Beats

Still Dance: BKN Version

(Recreating one of my previous art installations using materials found in Björkö)


Granite Dreams Installation 

(Presented at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick)


no thought



I mean

sea sings granite waltzes


                              rock rocks


                                            and sea weaves

Heart Beats

A voice




is the wind

the voice

of the trees


or are the trees


of the wind


or has a memory

of the sea

got tangled


the tree branches


is my voice


with the same air

that shapes

the sea waves


do we speak


the same things


do we speak

the same voice


do we


the same







you and I

no thing


Sea cracks


             bits of me



                       cliff dreams


                                   granite dreams

Granite Dreams is an audiovisual installation created for a PhD research project that delves into the poetry of movement. The installation explores the rhythms present in two distinct locations: Björkö, Sweden, and the Slieve Blooms Mountains in Ireland.

The creative process involved site-specific movement-writing practices, experimental walks, and conversations between the artists. The installation contemplates the different rhythms present in the environment, such as the ones found in the sea, the rocks, and within the body. This installation particularly reflects on the merging of differences through rhythm.

The soundscape, created by William Troy, is a sonic reflection of the rhythms of the locations interwoven with three poems that Nahelli Chavoya wrote during her observations and engagements with the environment.

Full video of installation


                            skin rocks on rock skin


                   heart beats


    bits of Sea

                              I followed a map


               the sea waves


                              on rock skin


                                                     and tendrils of quartz


                                                                         to find my way back



                                                        not to where I was born


                                         nor where I have been


                          but when I was rock


and dreamed granite dreams

yet I 



of every


Directed by: Nahelli Chavoya

Videography: Nahelli Chavoya & William Troy

Editing: Nahelli Chavoya

Soundscape Composition: William Troy
Poems: Nahelli Chavoya

PhD supervisors: Dr. Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain, Dr. Óscar Mascareñas

Technical Team: Dr Alan Dormer and Juhani Konttinen
Video Documentation & Editing: Lucy Dawson
Acknowledments: Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
                                  BKN Björkö Konstnod Residency

as all”