Janice Jensen is a visual artist from Germany who's main practice is drawing and painting. She completed her MA of Arts in media and expermient at the university of applied sciences in Bielefeld in 2022 and has also been studying painting at Vilnius Art Academy in Lithuania in 2021. Janice is working as an illustrator, graphic designer and art teacher in different educational projects. She is also part  of the Bielefeld based feminist magazine and collective Naturtrüb which publishes the work of its 30 female artists and researchers and also functions as a network that creates a space to exchange and support their related projects.

Her most recent work involves experimenting with different methods to depict landscape and movement while walking, focusing on the perception of surroundings, depicting shapes, structures and movement in relation to space. In order to perform this practice she has designed a drawing machine, a tool on which one can draw on paper scrolls continuously while walking. This method of drawing is then adapted into drawing and painting mediums as well as animation and 3D VR-Landscapes which transform and combine the drawings into an interactive visual experience. .





The island of Björkö with its natural enclosed environment and moraines is an ideal area to further experiment with various methods of landscape depiction and virtual adaptations. She also hopes to share and exchange ideas with other Artists and participants regarding her creative practice. Additionally, she plans to collect and incorporate other material such as sound, video, found objects and further sketches to compliment the collected drawings.