Cecilia Lagerström is a director, researcher and professor of Performance practices at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg. Cecilia has a background in laboratory theatre and performance studies (PhD 2003) and she has been directing performance work in theatres and other venues since 1993.  Her practice is moving between theater (often movement-based), performance art and artistic research. At the academy, Cecilia is head of subject for research and postgraduate education in Performance practices, she supervises and teaches doctoral students and master's students.  Cecilia’s research interests include performance with a focus on site-creating and site-critical activities, physical performance training connected to directing and dramaturgy, decolonial aspects on place and body, performative writing and walking as art.

During 2013-16 Cecilia was conducting the project GångART together with actress and tight rope artist Helena Kågemark on walking in urban spaces where techniques and strategies from the theatre were applied on walking actions in the city of Gothenburg

Since 2020 Cecilia is engaged in the international collaboration The Kraken Skool of Finance, which examines the Nordic countries involvement in the transatlantic slave trade with the Caribbean, through performance, action and game-play. She is preparing a new project on the colonial sugar trade in Gothenburg studied through site-specific artistic investigations. Part of this is conducted within the research platform Hidden Sites, a collaboration between the Gothenburg City Museum and the Center for Critical Cultural Heritage Studies.

During the residency, I want to connect my previous work with walking as an attentive practice in the present with my current work with decolonial investigations of various (historical) sites.

Studio: 5
Sept 25 - Oct 2