Aurike Quintelier is a visual artist and architect based in Ghent and Brussels, Belgium. Her practice has many layers, often working cross-disciplinary, and looks for the places where art and architecture meet. Driven by idealism and research while operating on a variety of scales, the projects vary between actual buildings/structures, and more conceptual projects. In the latter she uses art or architecture to express herself or to react to a topic she find intriguing (or enfuriating). Every project has a strong emphasis on experiment and exploration, trying to find a way to communicate. In function of the message, the medium changes; medium follows message. 

The research Aurike is currently conducting, "Building Out Whispering. Con-structions on the Imagination of Place”, finds itself on the intersection of architecture and art. It explores the possibilities of how spatial interventions/integrations can engage with different aspects of place, space, environment, and make abstract topics such as climate change and its consequences discussable. Could these temporary interventions in a landscape help imagine the future identity of a place? Does our identity as humans shift? The project focuses on the symbiosis of human and nonhuman, where the human is considered part of nature, in opposition to the dualism inherent in western systems of thought. Aurike aims to reveal how all aspects of place are entangled (its history, geology, possible futures, eco-systems, etc.) in order to create structures that bring closer nature and culture

Proposed work: As a form of correspondence and dialogue, the aim is to create several smaller speculative spatial 'con-structions' in-situ, a form of world-building, that uncover existing interdependent relations in the landscape, in alliance with the community. I intend to walk as a form of connecting and corresponding with the Björkö environment and with community members, as well as a way to share my work with people. During a previous residency in Björkö Konstnod, the project "It matters what stories tell stories, friendly parasites", led to the act of the 'exhibitionwalk'. The walk was a performance to attempt to bring community members, who had been a huge part of the world-building practice, into the con-structing, into the world built. I aim to explore this method further, and use walking as a starting point and end point in the project, as a form of communication and connection

Studio 3

Dates: Oct 23 to Nov 23


The notebook above shows insight into the process of 'it matters what stories tell stories II' (abbreviated 'imwsts II') during the residency program WAP23 with BKN. It is a selection of walks, shared moments, talks and daily inspirations that helped bring the project from thought to matter. 


While the project 'imwsts I: friendly parasites' (2021) focused primarily on human stories and their entanglement and belonging to place, 'imwsts II' focuses on more-than-human stories ; birdstories. Deeply rooted in multispecies environmental justice, it aims to amplify bird voices, and reveal the existing historical and present bonds between birds and humans. In exchange for wool and seeds, birds share their points of view, their stories, their opinions, that are broadcasted live into other, often human, spaces. The channel creates an opportunity for deep listening for non-birds.

The project 'imwsts II' is ongoing, and the birds will share their perspectives live throughout the winter of 2023-2024. Have a listen soon!


Thank you to Björkö Konstnod and its residents for this opportunity, very grateful for all the inspiring encounters, for a space where these ideas could grow.

The project 'it matters what stories tell stories II' was part of the residency program WAP23 at Björkö Konstnod. It uses walking, softness and critical spatial making as methodologies. The overarching research 'Building Out Whispering, Con-structing on the Imagination of Place' examines how human and more-than-human are entangled in the development of a sense of place.

This page is a journal of the residency with Björkö Konstnod. 


october 28

stenbrottet walk with torches, meeting the October artists, campfire, full moon, dinner, wine stains, dancing, conversations, new friends

october 29

walk by Heather Kaplow, sharing session with Heather Kaplow, Dianne Reid, Anna Viola Hallberg, Ami Skånberg, Jordan Rowe, Gerhard Kowald - mirroring in an attempt to spark empathy

october 30

visiting old friends the trees, it matters what stories tell stories, trees catching memories and secrets in the wind and holding them in their bodies

visiting old friends the rocks, building bar with Anna Viola Hallberg, inauguration of bar with Anna Viola, Dianne Reid and Ami Skånberg

october 31

november 1

ideas, bringing bird stories into human rooms, age-old exchange between humans and birds, interesting ornamental details in human-made birdfeeders

tests in the workshop

november 2

BKN family in bed, migraine, advil, rest, tea, honey, ginger, making envelopes in between sleeps, washing machine felting

november 3

ill, dyed envelopes with lingonberries, carrier bags? writing letters

november 4 - 7

migraine, flu

forever grateful to Edka Jarząb, for her expertise and the wonderful talk, to Anna Viola for connecting us

november 8

november 9

artists sharing session with Marina Pugina, Derek Oliver, Aleksey Shchigalev, Marina makes delicious carrot cake, goodbye migraine and flu

november 10

walk and talk with Derek Oliver, showing each other favourite spots, trees, lakes, places, in search of vernacular building materials for the birdfeeders

first tests in the wood workshop, in search of logs, on to Anders in the snickeri, night walk in the fog

november 11

november 12

sharing music with Derek Oliver and Aleksey Shchigalev

november 13

recycling cycling with Aleksey Shchigalev

november 14

november 15

wood workshop continuations, metal scrap testing, metal threading, aurora visit in Kamchatka, darkness walk with Marina Pugina, Aleksey Shchigalev, Antanas Jacinevichius

november 15

painting for the project (zij)kant, reconnecting fika with Lena Gribbe from Marum whose sheep are donators of wool

november 16

visit to Norrtälje Konsthal with Marina Pugina, Aleksey Shchigale, Antanas  Jacinevichius and Juanma Gonzalez, learning Russian on the bus

goodbye dinner for Aleksey and Antanas with dancing and singing (artwork Helena Lambert)

learning Russian on the bus (c) Aleksey Shchigalev

november 17

walk with Juanma Gonzalez and Aleksey Shchigalev to stenbrottet and Arsläjan, tea and cookies to warm up

sanding broken green glass for birdfeeder, making a metal case in correlation with the function of a (recording) device

november 18

walk with frost and swans, continuing in workshop with metal, bone, glass and wood

november 19

november 20

continuation in workshop, attaching polished glass and bone findings to hardware, cycling

reading Hannah Baer, supermarket trip sunset, continuing constructing, rare beams of sunlight

november 21

bastu visit on the island of Arholma with Marina Pugina and Ulja Makhanova

november 22

remnants of snow angels, birdfeeder hardware in its vernacular place

november 23

to be continued...