Fernanda Branco is a Brazilian performer, gardener and poet based in Norway. Working in the performance field, crossing boundaries between theatre, dance, film, and installation, facts, fiction and poetry. Currently a research fellow at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, exploring embodied experiences of movement and voice in dialog with environments. 

My walking practice relates to both natural and urban environments base on idea the that a day has potentially a gift to us. 

The walk is a practice of being attentive to what comes to us during a walk, being then translated into a poetic text. 

A preview practice consists of going for a walk every day for one year, taking a picture and writing a poem. All poems end with the place, forecast (weather, temperate, wind). 



At AiR BKN residency I would like to develop this practice into a short film, with a collage of short daily images, now also collecting the environment’s sound together with a voice over from daily writing and forecast. 

An ongoing practice of walking backwards will also be integrated into this project. My interested is by having images going backwards and how the practice of walking backwards influences how I think and write (by spoken words). 

The walking backwards makes a dialog with the Aymara’s people cosmologies from Andean highlands of Peru where we walk backwards towards the future. When walking backwards, we can see the present and past – in front of us - while the future is unknown - in our back, where we go towards it.

Studio: 15

Oct 2-9

becoming dragonfly  presented  in Supermarket 2024, Stockholm Sweden


becoming a dragonfly

film by Fernanda Branco



The insane biology of dragonfly. Real Science. 

Accessed 7th Ocober 2023.