Benedicte Dahm (1997) finished her master from the Art academy at UiB this spring, and is currently working between Oslo and Bergen. She works with drawing, sculpture, installations, maps/audio-walks, animations and printed matters. 

In her practice she is interested in storytelling and how to combine local history with personal or fictional stories. She seeks to make visible the infrastructure around us, and how to use narratives to investigate our everyday objects, local stories and how we move and meet in public and private spaces. 
In her recent project she was mapping the water system in Bergen, and created an audio-walk that followed the drinking water in a route around Bergen. 



During the residency at BKN I will work on a new audio-walk and map, as well as experimenting with how to include animation or argumented reality in the walks.

 At BKN I will test out different ways to map the area of Björkö and to research local history, which can be used in the audio walks. 

I am also very curious about how other artist uses walking in their practice, and I am looking forward to learn more.

Studio 11

Oct 2-9