One by walking brings various disciplines together, we arrange workshops and do joint publications. The guiding principle behind the network is that interventions in artistic performance can collaborate with scientific researchers working on methodologies of movement. Our researchers are searching for new ways of working with sustainability, landscape management, art, and pedagogy. Steering group onebywalking



Camilla Brudin Borg

Senior Lecturer in Literature, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

She carries out research on ’Narratives on the trail’, which focuses on walking with a combined set of interdisciplinary methods of studying walking narratives in the field (mainly at the pilgrim way to Santiago de Compostela) such as new materialist theories, literary text analyses, digital humanities methods and empirical data from trails.

Steering Group

Hanna Elisabet Åberg

With a background in landscape architecture and heritage studies, Hanna is interested in landscape  values, perception and how we further conserve our surroundings through policy and legislations . She is a part of a research group in the Department of Architecture in Bologna working with tourism, cultural landscapes and heritage conservation in rural areas across Europe.