Internal note / Work in process

I am using this presentation in the NPP Master to create a sensory and reflective experience for the viewer through a kind of tsunami on visual Map form, which allows them to approach the universe and constellations that I currently orbit in my practice. Questions, obsessions, drifts and some references that branch out through videos and images or philosophical themes of some authors.


Is about to reorganize an entire documentation archive and draw possible bridges, arcs and conductive threads between certain materials, work phases and results exposed in different contexts. How some ideas crystallize and others remain in a liquid state.



Short cuts from two conversations feedback with my peers are included. It offers a perspective that generates a distance and at the same time, an inclusive way with other perspectives of experiencing what I projected to them.



Playlist / References


- Jacques Derrida   "Différance" 


- Jacques Derrida "Trace"


 Derrida is a revelation for me in terms of the way of understanding the conception of language and its performativity. It is helping me to name, articulate and connect certain aspects in my practice.


How sould I communicate my artistic practice?

How far does the message go in artistic practice? Its posteriority?

How far does my agency go in this?

What role does language and written language play in my artistic practice? How do I operate with writting in the academic institution?

How can I expand the notion of writting within my practice?

What opportunities and problematics arise from misinterpreting a message?


I feel very identified while approaching the meanings without understanding an idea in its fullness, but because it emerges from the association with other ideas that conflict or that are a priori far from each other. As the concept Difference indicates: "Difference" implies that meanings are always differentiated from themselves and are always in the process of being deferred towards another future meaning. 


How to operate with an interconnected field of tensions, space and ideas and what can be the ways to embody and materialize it?  Reference -> Performance Installation Body on paper Premiered in Mercat de las Flors in 2019 / Video from Japan - Kyoto Art Center


I also like to think about the idea of my body as something deconstructed and what my commitment is and how I experience reality from that perspective. My obsession with dissociation and other attention dynamics of movement and relationship with objects, hierarchies, dualities and exclusions. Reference -> Performance Blue Colored Sequence / MACBA Museum 2016 Barcelona


- Jacobo Grimberg


- Marshall McLuhan "The medium is the message"


- Asemic Writting


- Graffiti desde lo coreopolítico

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