This is my doctoral creative practice thesis that was examined (on 8th February 2024 by Dr Tim Shaw (internal examiner) and Professor Mike Collier (external examiner)) at Newcastle University UK.  

Whilst it will become available as a pdf via Newcastle University's digital collection (at I present it in the Research Catalogue to increase its availability and also to provide access to all of the associated sound works, rather than the six that are linked to the pdf version.

It presents the same content as of the examined thesis, though in preparing it for a web format there are a few practical and presentational differences.

  • It is best navigated via the Thesis Table of Contents rather than the Research Catalogue Contents tab above. 
  • References to page numbers that were present in the examined version have been removed.
  • The references are not hyperlinked but all appear in a full Reference list after Chapter 6.
  • Footnotes are activated (by hovering the mouse over them) but their numbering restarts on each new page.
  • Some of the artefacts documented in the examined version are presented here in full. When these may take time to load they will appear in a new window so that you can continue reading in the original window whilst the image loads.
  • The sound files for all the included works are presented next to the relevant text. Hovering the mouse over them will display the title and duration; clicking on the arrow will play them. For almost all the installation versions of works, the sound file compositions are to be played simultaneously (just start all the sound pieces at the same time).
  • Whilst it can be viewed on a tablet (or even a phone) it will be best viewed on a desktop computer.




Sounds of walking: Can sound re-present the embodied experience of movement time and distance in the landscape?



Martin Paul Eccles



This thesis is submitted for the qualification of Doctor of Philosophy


The research was conducted in the School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University, UK


Submitted September 2023