'Coincidences' determine an individual’s state of being, balanced and in harmony with the universe. In this sense, coincidences can be understood as nature’s purest law, and beyond nature they represent the perpetual bond between the relative and the absolute, as well as the birth of all forms of life and love. They’re a link between reality and imagination, between desire and fantasy, between the body and the spirit, between life and death. The importance of such moments should form the basis of all scientific, artistic, economic, political and religious laws, as they determine the existence and subsistence of human beings upon the Earth, as well as upon any other planet. As the laws indicated above, like their establishment, are inseparable from one another, this theory becomes the bond that could further the quest, the growth and the evolution of mankind.

The exhibition
The new works of Alberto Magrin take life from the 'theory of coincidences' and from a mediation between the sky and earth, between the dreamlike and the everyday.  Like a modern shaman, the artist receives messages and conveys them to us as photographed images that are accessible to everyone.  The lyricism which sets his work apart is the result of an ironic play on coincidences, a destiny which has been mapped out, that only the sensitivity of the artist can bring to life before us. The exhibition displays new works that have evolved from experiencing and recreating life, characterised by symbolic interpretation as if the artist has wished to reinterpret a divine message.(Monica Sampietro)