Looking for a place to rest I-VI (2016)

Something that started with an artist residency

invited by Xarkis and Confrontation Through Art

Lofou, 4 – 10/7/2016


Kral çıplak /

Critique and the Cypriot summer /

Ήνταμπου κάμνουμεν δαμέ;

A series of works on institutional dependencies and other illusions

Nurtane Karagil, Hayal Gezer, Marinos Houtris

Chrystalleni Loizidou



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Looking for a place to rest I - VI (2016)

We'll be uploading and experimenting with ways of structuring our material (individual works, collective works, and documentation) until this begins to make sense - you may be able to catch the changes being done live [try refreshing]

live notes

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Avgi mentioned her grandmother kept the ants at bay by putting sugar next to the ant hills. She would do it constantly so they wouldn’t need to venture inside the house.

There’s something wonderful there: the lateral thinking, the respect to life,  the avoidance of chemichals, the pacifism. And something disturbing: how does the sugar affect the ants? Doesn’t it change them? It’s a processed substance, a constant supply would eventually have an effect on their biology. It would change them in other ways as well: pater Theofanis warned against feeding the cat hanging around the restaurant. He said this would stop it from becoming a hunter which in a festival-village means its survival will be difficult come winter. Nurtane threw down some meat anyway: “OK but for now she can have a break”.

I’m thinking we could be the sugar-fed ants that fall into the trap of adjusting to the supply, maybe for a while this makes the ants more interesting somehow, allows them to play and develop new creativities: what would ants do given easy, unlimited, resources (for a while)?

Some of the ants liked the pink shit, despite the fact that it’s quite salty.