Title: “Invocación y Danza – Homenaje a Manuel de Falla” - a new light on the piece brought by the manuscript.



Research Question: How to deal with the different editions and solve the problems in the manuscript in order to get a playable and faithfull version of “Invocación y Danza – Homenaje a Manuel de Falla” by Joaquin Rodrigo?



Motivation and Goals:


Understanding of Joaquin Rodrigo's life, both personal and musical, focusing later in his relationship with the guitar and the details behind the composing process of “Invocación y Danza” and the appearance of the manuscript.



Comparising of the different editions of the score and the manuscript, noticing where each one of them differs from the other and how and trying out the different possibilities and solutions for each problematic spot, resulting in a new edition of the piece.  

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