asamisimasa (2014). asamisimasa plays the music of Øyvind Torvund: Neon forest space (CD). Aurora records. Catalogue no. ACD5078.

Tracklist (all by Øyvind Torvund):

Willibald motor landscape 

Neon forest space

Wolf studies 

Plastic waves

Bernhardt, Emil (2015). ”Nåtid på avstand.” Review of Concert Piece in three sections (concert, Ugelvik, and Kringkastingsorkesteret, performed 28.01.2015),, 09.02.2015 [11.12.2016]

Hegdal, Magne (2015). Konsertstykke i tre deler (Concert Piece in three sections). Piano concerto, premiered by Ugelvik and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conductor Bjarte Engeset, 28.01.2015, Store Studio NRK, Oslo, Norway.

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Thorsen, Bente L. (2015). at the tips of my fingers/on the tip of my tongue. Piano concerto, performed by Ugelvik, Ensemble Allegria, leader Berit Cardas, 15.04.2015, Universitetets Aula, Oslo, Norway.

Ulvo, Therese B. (2016): Woven Fingerprints. The work is composed but has not yet premiered [15.12.2016].