Book Launch: In A Place Like This 


Johan Sandborg & Duncan Higgins


Johan Sandborg, Pro Rector, Bergen Academy of Art and Design Norway; newly appointed Visiting Professor at Nottingham Trent University.

Duncan Higgins, Professor of Visual Art, Nottingham Trent University; Academic Chair,  Bonington Gallery;  Professor in Fine Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design Norway.


To coincide with the opening of the Returns exhibition, we’re delighted to host the UK premier book launch of three new publications – In a Place Like This. Their focus, an on-going artistic research project, exploring both personal and historical traditions concerned with a relationship to the representation of violence.

In a Place Like This explores the echoes of places, people and the impact of terrible histories. The central question to the research is the difficulty we face when we try to communicate our most intimate experiences to others.

Sandborg and Higgins have focused on the language of imagery, what it may represent and how to make ideas and emotions visible. This exploration is neither an explanation nor a mystification; rather it attempts to propose visual discussions.

In a Place Like This is assembled as a montage, an interwoven idea, in an attempt to review a narrative within the spaces in which it is inscribed.





Wed 11 Feb 2015 - Wed 11 Feb 2015


5 pm - 8 pm


Bonington Atrium
Bonington building
Dryden Street
Nottingham, NG1 4GG