In A place Like This


Professor Johan Sandborg and Professor Duncan Higgins



In A place Like This is an on-going research practice that expands the issues and critical discourses within Higgins’ and Sandborgs’ collaborative artistic research.


The central questions for the research is concerned with specific identified conflicts inherent in the act of making the image and subsequently questions of representation.


The research methodology is constructed through photography, painting and text. This further utilises the form of artist publications – on-line, hard copy and large scale unique hand bound editions - as a point of critically engaged dissemination and container of conflict in itself. The research identifies this as a place for the tension between conflicting ideas and investigation to be explored through discussion.

Echoes of places, people and historical representations constitute the experience of our presence in the world. Stories and objects should not be accepted as mere constructs of fact or fiction but rather be considered as conduits for pluralities. Constructed through the dialogue between fieldwork, creative production, visual memories and fragments of history the research raises questions such as:


How do we approach facts though the complex relationships of personal immediacy?


How do we operate the ambivalence of testimony itself?


The research aims to put forward visual discussions and critical positions that can function as responsive ‘friction points’ in an image saturated culture where images are produced with unthinkingly ease, and potentially proceed to be disposable and forgettable.

In A place Like This


Open Design for E-very-thing

21 – 24 November 2016
Hong Kong Design Institute


Workshop and presentation of the research

Exhibition: Blue book – 1 of 5* large format unique artists books, video, text and hard copy publication.

*Adaptation two - 5 large format unique artists books (each book is a singular edition 60 x 45 x 8 cm). Each book consists of printed photographs and representations constructed through a variety of methods that include drawing, watercolour and painting to create a singular dialectic form. The visual construe within the large format books can be viewed as a contained series but can also be seen in relation to the dialogues in the other adaptations.