through design
28th of February - 2d of March 

ROOM8, Vaskereleven 8, Bergen

At department of design, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, there is a number of artistic research project under development. These projects concerns different fields of design. During week 9 some of the projects will be presented and discussed in ROOM8: 

Tuesday 28th of February

13.00–16.00 (this session will be in Kong Oscarsgate 62, room 404): Discussion of reserch fellow Albert Tangs project Reflective Roaming and his recent exhibition. For invited guests.  

Its been a while, but I still would like to thank you all for coming to my pilot exhibition Process Unfolding held last November, which was curated as a platform to unfold the research processes and as an object to generate materials for reflection. I am planning a gathering which will consist of a presentation and a group discussion, and the purpose is to arouse discussions about how the project, through the exhibition, is perceived, approached, understood or rejected. We will be using materials of the exhibition as a platform to incite discussion.

Wednesday 1st of March 

(Language: nordic. Moderator Bente Irminger): Supervising, seminar and discussions with Henrik Frisk: Research through design and the supervising of reserch fellows. How to combine theory, methods and practice? How to balance individual and group supervision? Cooperation between superviser and second superviser. Common meeting points.

09.00–09.15 Welcome and introduction
09.15–10.00 Henrik Frisk: Lecture 
10.15–12.00 Groupwork and questions
12.00–13.00 Lunch  
13.00–13.30 Johan Sandborg: Introduction to the guidelines from the NPAR
13.30–14.00 Information about online courses for supervisers (UiB) 
14.15–15.45 Presentaions and discussions, where do we go from here? 


Thursday 2d of March 

(Language: nordic). Presentation of three ongoing artistic research projects, followed by questions and discussions with Assistant Professor Øystein Hauge and the audience: 

10.00–10.30 Professor - Illustration, Hilde Kramer: This is a human beeing
11.30-12.15 Lunch 
12.15- 13.45 Professor - Colour, Mette L ´Orange: Fargen mellom kunst og arkitektur
13.45-15.15 Professor Petter Bergerud
15.15 – 15.30 Closing comments

If you would like to attend the seminar Wednesday and/or Thursday, register at:


Fargen mellom kunst og arkitektur, Mette L´Orange. 


The registration is closed.


Henrik Frisk

Docent på Musikhøgskolan i Stockholm,

veileder på bachelor, master og PhD-nivå

ved flere universiteter i Sverige


Øystein Hauge

Assistant Professor
Institute of Fine Art

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
University og Bergen


Hilde Kramer

Professor - Illustration

Department of Design
Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
University of Bergen

Mette L´Orange

Professor - Colour
Department of Design
Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

University of Bergen 

Petter Bergerud
Professor - Room
Department of Design
Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
University of Bergen








 Next seminar:

Wednesday 29th March

writing, guest lectures and tutoring
by Alsuag Nyrnes og Eirik Audunson.


Thursday 30th of March:


10.00–10.30: Associate Professor - Motion Graphic, Torkell Bernsen

11.30-12.15: Lunch 

12.15- 13.45: To be annonced

12.15- 13.45: To be annonced

15.15 – 15.30: Closing comments


Process unfolding, Albert Tang, ROOM8, 2016.

«I konstnärliga ämnen ser jag det som viktigt att teori och metod har en stark och stabil koppling till praktiken. På bachelor nivå blir det svårt att ha alltför stora krav på detta men på masternivån är det mitt mål att undvika den annars så vanliga teori/praktik uppdelningen. Detta kan dock vara svårt då strukturen på utbildningen ofta förstärker denna. Ofta ser man tex att handledaren för det skriftliga arbetet är skild från huvudmnesläraren. Jag har god erfarenhet av handledningskollegier och tät kontakt handledare emellan. Inte minst för studenterna som behöver känna att det ställs liknande krav på deras respektive arbeten».

Henrik Frisk

This is a human beeing, Hilde Kramer, 2017.

Professor Hilde Kramer presented 'This is an human beeing' and professor Petter Bergerud presented 'Experimental Wooden Structures'. Øystein Hauge from Institute of Fine Art commented on the projects, before the public was invited to take part in the discussions. 

Henrik Frisk discussed artistic research in relation to content, quality, ethichs and structure. The presentation was followed up by discussions in smaller groups. 

From the debate of research fellow Albert Tang´s project 'Reflective Roaming' and his recently exhibition, 'Process unfolding'.