digging a hole - earth emitting rays



  • welcome & settling in
  • student presentations


  • Listening meditation.
  • Lecture By Guðrún Pétursdóttir, Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Iceland. Summary of how the knowledge behind climate change has generated.
  • Lecture by Diego Galafassi, PhD student at Stockholm Resilience Center. Looking at the big pictures connecting the data into comprehencible overwievs.
  • Lecture by Leena Valkeapää


  • Student presentations
  • Lecture by Tinna Gunnarsdottir  


  • Elle & Marjo starts testing stopmotion locations outdoors
  • Student presentation round
  • Lecture & screening by Paul Simma


  • Elle & Marjo animating lemming drawings in outdoor sceneries
  • Lina improvises lectures to imagined lemmings.
  • Skypelecture with Paulina F
  • Sauna & Northern lights


  • Driving to Tromsö



Videostill, Lemmings

by Marjo Palokangas & Eleonor Frankenberg

Notes from lecturing to a lemming, Lina Persson, 1/3/2017


Are you there, Perhaps deep underground? Can you hear my footsteps in the snow?

Anyway, if you are interessted I thought I’d tell you about the role you play to humans here. We adore you. You are even the mascot of this research station. We love to examine you. The students from animated film are making a movie about you just this minute, over at the snowdrifts.  You and your relatives have inspired us for generations. We were so faschinated by this research that showed how you sometimes commit collective suicide. Our beloved animation director Disney made a film in 1958 where you played a big role. We really wanted a visualization of this incredible animal suicide. We who had  thought we were the only species doing that. I’m sorry to say a few of your relatives had to sacrifice themselves in the creation of this imagery. We cant keep a big camerateam waiting around for the time and place so we had to stage it. (well I wasnt there personally, I would never have put you through that, but I mean I still take some responsibility for my fellow humans). We captured a big crowd of you and forced you off a cliff where the camerangle was at its best. Thanks to their heroic sacrifice the image of your suicede has continued to inspired generations of humans. We write childrens books, make videogames and museums about you. In the film that is being made at this moment no lemmings will be harmed in the process though. And the role you play will go beyond the typecasted victim role. You will be allowed to explore a new relationship with the camera.

Background: http://www.snopes.com/disney/films/lemmings.asp/