Labour of Textile and Animation workshop, essay and artwork multiple, Stockholm Uniarts, 2016

An artistic collaboration between Lina Persson (artist and senior lecturer of animation, Sada/SKH) Jittra Cotshadet (union activist, founder of Tryarm, thai political dissident) & Nedine Kachornnamsong (artist, teacher, activist)

From global outsourcing to D.I.Y

Documentation from the Film & textile seminar & workshop with union activist Jittra Cotshadet

In the holiday peak-period of lingerie consumtion and Thailand vacation – we invited students of Stockholm university of the arts to a workshop with Jittra Cotshadet, union activist and dissident of the Thai military government. Join the Tryarm fairtrade underwear production for Christmas.

Oh, we're gonna hit the Big Boss for a raise!

By Lina Persson. From the Chronocyclograph via Disney picket line to the vfx diaspora of Hollywood. Essay about the history of animation work and working conditions in relation to ecology.


Limited edition by Jittra Cotshadet, Nedine Kachornnamsong & Lina Persson produced for BILAGA #2 2016

A multiple combining unique pieces of Try Arm Underwear empowered by cellanimation’s expression of powers in objects.

Try Arm underwear is a fairtrade company based in Thailand. It originated from workers protests for decent working conditions against the underwear manufacture Triumph. Jittra Cotshadet was one of the activists in the protests and due to criticizing the government she is now considered a dissident in the military run Thailand.

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