From the very beginning of European philosophy in ancient Greece the relation between philosophy and arts has been highly problematic. On the one hand we find “artist-philosophers” like Plato or Nietzsche, whose philosophical investigations used artistic practices to demonstrate their thoughts; on the other hand philosophy has been extremly hostile to such practices, especially since Plato himself banned a wide range of arts from his ideal state ruled by philosophers. Philosophers, since then, have often even opposed arts, claiming that they were doing science (reasoning) rather than “art”––which they equal with “poetry”, based on fiction and pure imaginations.

Through his conception of the “Künstlerphilosoph” (artist-philosopher), Nietzsche probably questioned this Socratic image of philosophy most profoundly, since this conceptual persona longs for a new kind of post-Socratic “philosophers to come” who are ready to do philosophy in an almost “anti-Platonic” manner by precisely crossing-over the disciplines of arts and science. Not to mind their gap, but in order to find a new (anti-Platonic) relation between philosophy and arts that will produce a different kind of philosophy and new forms of philosophy-based art in the end.

In accordance with this historical demand, our PEEK-project aims to develop a research performance in which philosophy is methodologically and conceptually demonstrated as a matter of arts-based research rather then a “pure” science.

This aim has been realized by organizing a research-festival “SCORES No 10 // PHILOSOPHY ON STAGE #4” at Tanzquartier Vienna, in the context of which artists, philosophers and scientists collaborated to demonstrate on stage their theoria on the Artist Philosopher both in a scientific and an artistic manner. Thereby they had to demonstrate anwers to research questions such as: What happens to the traditional image of philosophy and arts, once philosophers and artists are called to stage their thoughts and implement arts-based research practices for the demonstration of their ideas? Can Nietzsche’s notion of the artist-philosopher help us to understand what performing philosophy as a kind of arts-based research could mean?

This project is carried out in close co-operation between the University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MRS), University of Bremen, University of Surrey, Zurich University of Fine Arts and Tanzquartier Vienna.









11.27.2011 (german)
Gespräch mit René Pollesch 
Moderation: Arno Böhler / Krassimira Kruschkova

11.27.2011 (german)
Club der Toten Philosophen 
Moderation: Jens Badura / Deleuze≠Marc Rölli / Kant≠Thomas Kater / Spinoza≠Robert Schnepf / Wittgenstein≠Richard Heinrich

11.25.2011 (english) 

Voices of the Unknown-Breath of Silence 

Barbara Kraus

11.25. 2011 (german)

Frans Poelstra zaubert #2 

Frans Poelstra

11.26.2011 (german)

Die Wissenschaftler_in und ihr Double – Ein Fremd- und Selbstversuch 

Rosa Danner / Esther Hutfless

11.26.2011 (german)

Der phantomatische Körper der Philosophie 

Marcus Steinweg

11.26.2011 (german)


Rainer Totzke / Kurt Mondaugen

11.26.2011 (german) 

Zum Raum wird hier der Leib

Konrad Paul Liessmann 

11.26.2011 (german)

Mythos und Wahrheit vom vergessenen Körper des Philosophen 

Violetta L. Waibel

11.26.2011 (german)
Corpus delicti. Denken, ein Ort des Verbrechens 
Susanne Valerie Granzer / Arno Böhler / Wolfgang Mitterer / Hans Hoffer / Chor MRS Hubertus Petroll

11.25.2011 (english)  
An deiner Zunge
Bernadette Anzengruber

11.24.2011 (english)

Each Day in Life is History. The Rise and Fall

Anna Mendelssohn

11.25.2011 (german)

Verkörperte Denkakte – Denken, das sich gebärdet
Alice Pechriggl / Markus Brandstätter / Martina Cizek / Fred Ilger

11.25. 2011 (german)

I did once a piece (walk and talk) 

Milli Bitterli

11.26.2011 (german)

Mit dem Körper arbeiten 

Thiemo Strutzenberger

11.24.2011 (german)

SchnittXStellen – Zwischen Körper und Sprache, Sound und Bild 

Georg Christoph Tholen / Dieter Kovacic (dieb13)

11.25.2011 (german) 
Körper in der Yoga-Tantrischen Philosophie  

 11.26.2011 (german) 

SPRECHSPIELEN – Eine sprachmusikalische Versuchsanordnung 
Jens Badura / Florian Bogner / Lars Mlekusch

11.26.2011 (german) 

Wiederaufführung: Die zweifache Séance 

Angelika Seppi / Veronika Maurer / Georg Pöchhacker / Rudi Risatti