Neil Brownsword, FACTORY with Rita Floyd, 2017. Photo: Korea Ceramic Foundation.

Phase two has extended rhizomatic connections between individual lines
 of enquiry and the project’s overarching research strands to facilitate new 
trajectories where each partner institution has furthered discourse through an
active and evolving process of investigation.
The Phase two publication "Rhizomatic Trajectories" 
draws together reflections
nurtured through Topographies’ contextualising platform
 from both invited scholars and artists who remain connected to the project.
 comprises of a range of descriptive, narrative and poetic texts which elucidate 
questions, contexts and methods that offer an alternative
historiography of postindustrial sites and situations."

Returns exhibition, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, 2015. Photo: Andrew Brown

Film Still: Chloë Brown, A Soft Rebellion in Paradise, 2019, HD Video, Duration 09:24, Northern Order Films & Pencil Trick Productions.

Christine Stevens, On the Non-Verbal Transmission of Knowledge, Whispering Pot. Photo: Christine Stevens

Neil Brownsword, Externalizing the Archive, British Ceramics Biennial 2019. Photo: Arild Våge Berge

HEAD-Geneve: Exhibition Soucoupes Volantes in the ‘Porzi’ Langenthal. Photo: HEAD-Geneve/Michel Giesbrecht

Photo: Joel Chester Filds

Film still: Chloe Brown, Dancing in the Street, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, songwriters: Ivy Jo Hunter, Marvin Gaye,
William Stevenson, 1965, Duration 02:40, Motown Records.

Danica Maier Pussy Willow 2014 Photo: David Rowan

Neil Brownsword, Externalizing the Archive, British Ceramics Biennial 2019. Mould Scanning. Photo: Arild Våge Berge

Factory, with Wonjeong Lee, Icheon World Ceramic Centre, South Korea, 2017