SCHEDULE - Summer School

Monday, 10th:
Introduction into technology and artistic techniques to orchestrate space by IKO
Working slots with IKO 1-3.
Evening discussion about the IKO’s sculptural sound phenomena and their conception, production, and reproducibility.

Tuesday, 11th:
Historic spherical loudspeakers and introduction into existing works with the IKO.
Working slots with IKO 1-3.

Wednesday, 12th:
The virtual Icosahedral Loudspeaker (vIKO)
Working slots with IKO 1-3


     m a i n p a g e

SCHEDULE - Symposium


09:30 - 09:40 a.m.:
Opening with Barbara Boisits and Robert Höldrich

09:40-10:20 a.m.:
The OSIL Projects, Facts, Figures & More with Franz Zotter, Gerriet K. Sharma, and Matthias Frank

10:20-10:40 a.m.:
Orchestra Rehearsal Room

10:40-11:00 a.m.:
IKO by IEM and Sonible with Ralf Baumgartner and Franz Zotter

11:00-11:20 a.m.:
Open measurement data and IKO control with Frank Schultz and Franz Zotter

11:20-11:40 a.m.:
MIMO cross-talk cancellation for the IKO with fixed-pole parallel filters with Balázs Bank

11:40-12:00 a.m.:
Virtualization of IKO - vIKO with Markus Zaunschirm

12:00-01:20 p.m.:
Orchestra Rehearsal Room
Psychoacoustic research contributions

01:20-01:40 p.m.:
Sound positioning by directivity with Matthias Frank

01:40-2:00 p.m.:
Influence of different direct sound characteristics on the effect of sound projection with Tom Wühle, Technical University of Dresden


02:00-02:20 p.m.:
Advanced positioning aspects and precedence with Florian Wendt


02:20-02:40 p.m.:
Orchestra Rehearsal Room
Artistic-aesthetical research aspects


02:40-03 p.m.:
Spatial Practices: Sculpturality and Shared Perceptual Space (SPS) with Gerriet K. Sharma


03-03:20 p.m.:
Topology of spatial texture in the acousmatic medium with Erik Nyström


03:20-03:40 p.m.:
Hermann Scherchen's Universally Radiating Sphere -from high-fidelity reproduction to artistic production with Gregorio García Karman


03:40-04 p.m.:
Sound based Spatial Perception with Elena Ungeheuer


04-06 p.m.:
Interactive Demos in 4 rooms, sound sculptures, and listening experiments - vIKO and loudspeaker cubes


07-09 p.m.:
Ligeti Hall     


IKO - concert


  • 5 new pieces for IKO by Giulia Vismara transitional spaces, Mesud Zaimovic visitors pt.2, Jan Ha Shilooh, Angela McArthur line densities, and Stefan Riedel lindencluster shells
  • IEM repertoire
  • 1500 by Paul Wolff and mirage 4 by Gerriet K. Sharma


FRIDAY, 14th:

09:30-09:50 a.m.:
Instrumentality of Loudspeaker Arrays with Frank Schultz


09:50-10:10 a.m.:
IKO with other Instruments Semaphor - an introduction with Susanne Fröhlich and Gerriet K. Sharma


10:10-10:30 a.m.:
Surround with depth on loudspeaker cubes with Thomas Deppisch


10:30-10:50 a.m.:
Surround audio formats on IKO and cubes with Nils Meyer-Kahlen


10:50-11:20 a.m.:
Final IKO piece gleAM by Gerriet K. Sharma at Ligeti Hall


11:20-12:20 a.m.:
Coffee & Farewell at Foyer Ligeti Hall