CONCERTS 2014

                           gksh portrait-concert

11/11/2014 grrawe, firniss, and grafik unten were presented within Gerriet K. Sharma's portrait-concert curated by Gerhard Eckel for the signale-graz concert series at the MUMUTH concert hall Graz.

The first part of the programme was played soley with the IKO, the second with the ambisonical loudspeaker hemisphere at the György Ligeti-Hall. The idea was to make both projection techniques experiencable in on architectural space and show diffrerences, commonalities, and pecularities in practice.


     m a i n p a g e


    International Summer School for New Music Darmstadt

The IEM was invited as the studio in residence in August 2014.

OSIL was contributing with posters lecture and concerts. Within the cause of a 14 days concert programme the IKO was presented with the three pieces grrawe, firniss, and grafik unten by Gerriet K. Sharma at the old gym of the Morneweg-School Darmstadt.