Concert and recital at the symposium Artistic Need and Institutional Desires at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

      CONCERTS 2015

  InSonic at ZKM Karlsruhe

13/11/2015  concert-recital-lecture: Are we - here OR there - together? Composing with Sculptural Sound Phenomena in Computer Music. Towards a shared perceptual space.

Gerriet K. Sharma was giving an insight into his doctoral studies and the research process of OSIL. The IKO was placed in a corner with glass and concrete walls behind the seating of the lecture. People were asked to walk around and position themselves freely.

27/11/2015 Gerriet K. Sharma was opening the concert evening with mirage 1 at KUBUS of ZKM Karlsruhe. It was the first presentation of the IKO with reflector shields on a stage and the audience in front.

During the conference OSIL was presenting two papers and giving a workshop about and with the IKO.


     m a i n p a g e


                                                       EPARM Festival Graz

                                            Izlog Festival Zagreb concert 02

23/04/2015 Gerriet K. Sharma was giving an IKO-concert-lecture of mirage-redux at György-Ligeti-Hall of MUMTH Graz.

The performance concept was to present the IKO placed in the middle of the concert hall with the audience on two sides and reflector shields hanging from the ceiling.

08/05/2015 IKO-concert 02 of Izlog Festival for Sound Art and Experimental Music Suvremenog Zvuka Concert at Media Art Gallery.

The same IKO-concert at a different venue with an installation setup towards a corner of the building.

                   Izlog Festival Zagreb concert 01

06/05/2015 IKO-concert 01 of Izlog Festival for Sound Art and Experimental Music Suvremenog Zvuka Concert at French Pavillon.

The performance concept was to play two concerts with the same program in two different rooms in order to make the fragility of the spatial parameters in the compositions comparable. Through the two opposing spatial situations, the ratio of dependency on sound projection, architecture, spatial acoustics and composition was to be better understood.