In August 2015, I arrived at some kind of completion with the analysis text, available here (PDF, 65 pages).

The Habitable Exomusics Analysis is a theoretical text with thorough musical analysis and disseminations of selected dimensions of the artistic output in the project.

As I write in the preface:

”The aim of this text is to present a more detailed view on the musical, technical and theoretical dimensions of the Habitable Exomusics project.  

Much of the reflection related to most Artistic Research projects normally seems to be - and possibly should be – written in a language that allows any interested citizen to understand it. And, so are most of the reflection texts and interviews in the Habitable Exomusics project, outside of this specific “Analysis” text. As important as a broader kind of dissemination is, reaching out to fellow artistic researchers from other fields and curious fellow citizens (hopefully interested in art), I felt the need, in this project, to also share with other musicians and composers some of the considerations I have had on specific musical structures in the process. I wanted to disseminate these thoughts and structures with a degree of technical detail primarily suitable for sharing among fellow musicians and composers.

Or I might put it like this: While the public dissemination will naturally explore questions as to what it MEANS for the artist to make a mapping of his or her own artistic language in a project such as this one, and how it CAN be done in a fruitful way, I also wanted to make a much more specific dissemination of WHAT the map actually does show.


The analysing process brought me to the main categories of material-structuring principles that might be called the “primary underlying post tonal structuring principles in my music.” The main categories are listed in the index, and will be described in each of their chapters.”

Habitable Exomusics Analysis

- a theoretical and rather thorough auto-analysis of the artistic output in the project