Thank you

The Grieg Academy, Department of music, The University of Bergen, The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme(NARP) for making this research project possible and for being such great contributors to the development of new artistic expressions.

I am eternally grateful to my main supervisor Trond Lossius for your endless wealth of knowledge, steady guidance, and sheer perseverance throughout the project. This project would not be without you.

Thank you to my supervisor Juliana Hodkinson for all the new perspectives and renewed energy you brought as you became part of the project in its last year.

Thank you Pedro Gómez-Egaña my supervisor at the outset of the project for shining a light on perspectives that otherwise would have remained in the dark. Though our work together was cut short it meant much to me.

Thank you Ingri Fiksdal for your many illuminating comments and perspectives you gave after my mid-term evaluation.

Thank you to all research fellows in the program for your inspiring work and for the wonderful and illuminating conversations we have had.

A special thanks to close colleagues whose input have informed and inspired the project: Craig Thomas Wells, Kjetil Møster, Stephan Meidell, Tijs Ham, Andrea Parkins, Juan Vassallo, Juliane Zelwies, Nadia Lipsyc, Erik Friis Reitan, Sveinung Unneland, Edit Kaldor, Karmenlara Ely, Roar Sletteland, Christian Blom, Jostein Gundersen and Hans Knut Sveen.

Thank you to the Grieg Academy Composition Research Group for many stimulating presentations and conversations.

Thank you Randi Rolvsfjord, Synnøve Fluge, Sol Sneltvedt and Thomas Dahl for being so supportive and welcoming me to the Uib/Griegacademy family.

Thank you to Lydgalleriet and Julie Lillelien Porter in Bergen for presenting the works on several occasions including the exhibition For one - for many -  for all.

Thank you BIT Teatergarasjen and Sven Åge Birkeland for Co-producing and presenting For one – for many – for all and thank you M12-kultur for making the production of For one – for many – for all possible.

Contributing artists

Thank you to all performers and other artists that have been involved in the artistic presentations:

Alwynne Pritchard in Procession, Nether and For one – for many – for all.

Jostein Gundersen in For one – for many and For one – for many – for all.

Caroline Eckly in For one – for many – for all.

Silje Grimstad in For one – for many – for all.

Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg in For one – for many – for all.

Aistė Žumbakytė in For one – for many – for all.

Roar Sletteland in For one – for many – for all.

The brilliance, focus, creativity, trust, and investment you brought to the productions touches me deeply.

A special thanks to Alwynne Pritchard for your unwavering unyielding support and patience.