Opening 8 May

Part V: Liminal languages

Staging | Fictioning | Ritualising

Skene + graphein – Liisa Ikonen, Maiju Loukola, Ivana Momcilovic

Incantations: invoking the ecological era – Rachel Armstrong and Rolf Hughes

Acting Repeating - Filippo Romanello

Jens - Cordula Daus

Neoglyphics – [M]Dudeck

Impulsive incantations: re-voicing the migraine body – Mariske Broeckmeyer

Points of view. Politics of Perspective in the Age of Post-Truth, 19 June

Palazzo Badoer, aula Tafuri, Calle della Lacca, San Polo 2468 Venezia.

A seminar created and hosted by Emmanuel Alloa and Francesco Zucconi

and discussants Francesco Bergamo and Angela Mengoni,

members of the Research Pavilion #3 research cell

“Through Phenomena Themselves”.

Opening 8 May

Insect Karaoke

9 May

The audience is invited to listen to sounds produced by insects and to imitate and interpret them using contact microphones and DIY instruments of kitchenware. A playful happening facilitated by Tuula Närhinen, Tytti Arola, Esa Kirkkopelto and Otso Lähdeoja.

Presentation of Contingent Agencies -project, 10 May

Alex Arteaga & Nikolaus Gansterer.


Warming up.

Part II: Three parallel workshops

(different loctions)

1) Sensory experiences in urban space with Ajauksia group

2) Walking the line with Andrew Bronw and Katja Hock

3) Tepmorary Agora + Where Dir Art Go / Get Lost! with Anni Laakso + akcg

Part III: Affinities and activations - reading, listening, translating

(different locations)

Re-Wording with Lena Séraphin and collabotators

Interlude: reading on reading with Emma Cocker, Cordula Daus and Lena Séraphin

Associated thoughts on line - Danica Maier

Silent questions - Ellen Reynolds

Flux Us Now - Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb

By Chance – playing, experiencing, finding, transating with Viviana Gonzales

Material Encounters 20-21 August


Part I: Working with Soil: Audience engagement workshop with clay; presentation by Jussi Reinikainen(Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE)


Food with Afterworks (Kjell Caminha / Rose Borthwick  / Andreas Engman) 

Part 3: Cemetery Archipelago: “Island – Sea –Island: Archipelagic Enquiries”

with Mick Wilson, Sarah Barazoni, Noel Fitzpatrick and Paulo Vignola.


Building phase in Sala del Camino 3-7 May

Including institutions themselves
11 May

A public morning session as a contribution of the exchange in the research cell “Through Phenomena Themselves”, proposing and inquiry into research practices developed in two fields — artistic research and phenomenology. Panel conversation involving Alex Arteaga, Gerald Bast, Alexander Damianisch, Cordula Daus, Nikolaus Gansterer, Margarete Jahrmann, Ralo Mayer, Barbara Putz-Plecko, Charlotta Ruth, Katarina Šoškić.

MA students from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki visiting Biennale Urbana on Lido.
22 May

Climate Change, Globalization and the Art World, 22 May

A gathering with the aim to to discuss and analyse the city of Venice and its fragile ecological history, the system of the international art world and mega-shows like the Venice Biennale and to search for new and sustainable ways to work as an artist today in this context.

Talks by Leonardo Caffo and Andrea Curtoni.

Temproary Agora

3, 5, 7, 8, 13, 14 June

An on-going collective construction of a sculptural space

with Anni Laakso.

Reading Circle 12 June


A collective reading practice with Juha Himanka and Alex Arteaga.

Lectures on not-knowing 13, 14 and 15 June


Three lectures exploring whether and how lecturing can constitute a phenomenological research practice

Lectures by Juha Himanka and Alex Arteaga.

Tick variations 15 June


A series of bodily research arrangements exploring the world of ticks based on Jacob von Uexküll's theory of Umwelt. Cenveiced and facilitated by Esa Kirkkopelto.

Briefing the participants and fine tuning the exercises.

Tick exercises.

Part IV: Inquisite words + Threshold writing || Bordering | Betweening | Hyphening

The Creative Critic: Writing as/about Practice - Katja Hilevaara, Emily Orley, Emma Cocker, Peter Jaeger, Tracy Mackenna, Brigid McLeer, P. A. Skantze, Susannah Thompson, G. D. White

Making text - Patricia Ellis and Cedar Lewisohn

Part IV: Inquisite words + Threshold writing || Bordering | Betweening | Hyphening

The Creative Critic: Writing as/about Practice - Katja Hilevaara, Emily Orley, Emma Cocker, Peter Jaeger, Tracy Mackenna, Brigid McLeer, P. A. Skantze, Susannah Thompson, G. D. White

Making text - Patricia Ellis and Cedar Lewisohn

Part VI: Phenomenological + artistic writing

Language-based practices as research practices with Alex Arteaga, Emmanuea Alloa, Juha Himanka, Jaana Parviainen and Esa Kirkkopelto

Part VII: Language based practices + artistic research

Special interest group meeting

with Alexander Damianisch

Part VIII: At the limits of language | Blurry words + Ludic images || Relaying | Repeating | Remembering

Astray lettersKatarina Šoškić

Unearthing: the tower, the echo, the prison - Ralo Mayer

Don't look now – On images between words and sounds - Harri Laakso

Closing reflection with Charlotta Ruth

Collected Re-wording texts from the Convocation event printed out in the Research Pavilion, 2 July 


Part 2: Distance measuring devices and sonic sculptures

(Otso Lähdeoja and Matyou Galea in a dialogue)


26 – 31 August
The 5th Nida Doctoral School: ‘Fight The Power 2019/1989: We, the Ungovernable’

The Nida Doctoral School (NDS) was held at the Lithuanian Pavilion, the Research Pavilion and additional environments in Venice. Entitled ‘Fight The Power’, this year’s Nida Doctoral School was energized by the 30th anniversary of Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ and its opening credit sequence soundtrack-ed by Public Enemy. Convinced by the radical potentialities of research-as-praxis, NDS utilised this 30th anniversary to ask: what does it mean to do the right thing?


Foaming Exercise 9 & 10 May

A performative installation by Maiju Loukola and Paul Cegys, using the term foam as both noun and verb (foaming) in order to explore foam-like spatial formations at the intersection of physical, imaginary and virtual space, as well as in terms of space as socio-political construct.

Research Practices on Place

organised by Alex Arteaga and Charlotta Ruth, 13 May

A joint event introducing and initiatng a dialogue between different forms of inquiry on places, spaces and environments through three formats – lectures, workshops, and life research. Focus on three topics: awareness/perception, notation/registration, narratives/gestures. Contributions by: Alex Arteaga, Nikolaus Gansterer, Esa Kirkkopelto, Tuomas Laitinen, Hongjohn Lin, Hsu Ming Han, Charlotta Ruth, Jaakko Ruuska, Katarina Šoškić.
THROUGH PHENOMENA THEMSELVES and Taipei National University of the Arts

Convocation June 16–18

Convocation – a call to come together, a gathering of expanded language-based practices. Weaving between artistic research and phenomenological approaches,

this three-day event will include open workshops, live research, collective writing/reading exercises, and performative lectures.

Part I: On Convocation

Framing with Emma Cocker, Cordula Daus and Lena Séraphin

Categoric Agora with Juha Himanka

Come il lavoro / Piacere il lvoro (Like work) with Rob Flint

Two book launches:

No Telos

Omspelning | Replay | Uusintaotto | Repetición

Faults – Nathan Walker

Working with Soil Research Cell working in Sala del Camino in July and August

Part 4: Cemetery Archipelago: “Cemetery Figures and Necropolitical Imaginaries”
with Siobhán Doyle and Mick Wilson


24 August, Assembly of Journals with book launch: Lucy Cotter's Reclaiming Artistic Research

A collegial assembly focusing on shared interests, challenges, and possible forms of future cooperation of journals in the area of arts and visual culture. Among the participants were representatives of Journal for Artistic Research, RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research, Journal of Visual Culture and MaHKUscript – Journal of Fine Art Research.


photo diary, the high season