Painting of the clay forms with soil and sediment samples started with preparing test pieces in Finland. 


Painting of the clay forms in the Research Pavilion is going on August 1st to 26th 2019. The works are fired in Terreal SanMarco in Noale, Reggione Veneto.

Sediment sample gathering places around Venice lagoon in May 2019.

February – May 2019

Gathering of soil samples from the artificial canals of the historical Venice centre, Porto Marghera’s industrial area and Murano islands, then analysing the samples for anthropogenic contaminants. Read about the First research expedition to Venice in February 2019.

First display of the project results




EARTH LABORATORY      Research Pavilion #3: Research Ecologies    May 9 – August 28, 2019, open 10 am – 6 pm. Visitors can meet artist-researchers between 10 am and noon. Closed on Tuesdays. Free entry. Address: Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo 621, Giudecca, Venice

July 11 – August 28, 2019

Living research laboratory at the Research Pavilion #3. The public is able to witness artistic studio practice and the process of building and painting large vessels using local clay and the materials collected during the project. Audience is also invited to participate in the workshop.

The Venice Lagoon

photo: ESA

August 20–21, 2019

Material Encounters event at the Research Pavilion #3.

A two-day long event, including a concert-lecture that showcases the outcomes of a residency period, during which musicians and ceramists worked side-by-side forming a parallel discussion of musical and gestural rhythms. The event also includes discussions and presentations on materiality, archipelagic thinking, and the intertwined relationship between humans and soil. Audience is welcomed to work with local clay. Researchers, guests and visitors are invited to join the event. Registration is recommended to help us take care of the space and refreshments.

Slideshow of gathering soil samples in Murano, Lido and Giudecca in February 2019.

On the right, making of the clay forms.

September 10–31, 2019

Traces from the Anthropocene: Working with Soil exhibition on view at the Beta Space gallery at Aalto University campus in Espoo, Finland, during Helsinki Design Week.

Opening of the Research Pavilion May 8th 2019.

Gathering sediment samples in the Venice lagoon area with Finnish Environment Institute's Limnos sediment sampler in May 2019.

Gathering sediment samples in the Venice lagoon area with Finnish Environment Institute's Limnos sediment sampler in May 2019.

Surrounded by the rich geological data and artistic activity of Working with Soil, the engagement space enables creative exchange between researchers and the public. Visitors are invited to build collaborative clay forms, engaging with project themes along-side artists in the Earth Laboratory. The engagement space provides local clays and a space for rolling the clay into coils and forms. Visitors are invited to record their contribution to the evolving, collaborative form to a ledger card. 

Sediment sampling in Murano.

Traces from the Anthropocene: Working with Soil research cell is active in the Research Pavilion in Giudecca, Venice July 11th to August 28th. 

Processing samples in Aalto University

Material Encounters on August 20th 2019. The cell presented it's research through inviting the audience to follow the painting with the gathered soil and sediment samples and through engaging in the making with the local clay.


Senior researcher Jussi Reinikainen from The Finnish Environment Institute presented facts and insights on soil contamination in a discoursive event thet followed.

Ceramic test pieces of fired soil and sediment samples