The Swarming Event

The Swarming Event is a speculative public moment with bees.

The Bee Ark at University of Helsinki Botanic Garden at Kaisaniemi is a hive made of felt, covered with branches and created collectively during a workshop in 2014. This unconventional hive is intended as a safe home for bees and does not allow human access. Therefore, the colony can follow its natural cycle and bees are encouraged to swarm when they feel time is right. Similar to the invitation of admiring the blossom of a plant that is rarely flowering, Melliferopolis invites to the swarming event and stages a natural phenomenon that is enticing and uncanny at the same time. This moment that can be only approximately predicted, and in some years, might not happen at all.


Bee Ark in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Photo Christina Stadlbauer