Hexa-Hive - an Experimental Urban Bee-Hive

The Hexa-Hive is an experimental hive, designed to both host honeybees and serve as outdoor furniture for humans. From 2012 until 2018, the Hexa-Hive has been a semi-permanent installation in Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden of Helsinki and other locations in Finland. 

The Hexa-Hives illustrate how an outdoor live installation can serve as incentive for inter-species encounters and at the same time challenge the paradigm of conventional beekeeping. 
The Hexa-Hive has been developed further in many steps and has manifested as Hexa-Hive Village (first installed at the campus of Aalto University, in Otaniemi, Finland in 2013) and Hexa-Hive Village with Airstrip for Bees (first shown as part of the art exhibition “Semi-Wild Gardens” at Kouvola city art museum in 2015) and then installed in Tarja Halosen puisto in the centre of Helsinki.  

The Hexa-Hive installations are considered urban acupuncture interventions. The concept has been described in more detail in the article: 

Inter-species Encounters at the “Hexa-Hives” in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, March 2018. 


Concept and idea: Christina Stadlbauer

Design: Kiran Gangadharan