As I took photos at the site of the Wall, which was only a small part of Berlin, I realized what a city full of scars and deep wounds.

It is an exploration of the city's historical period through people's memories.

The city breathes inadequately, with time and memories of each individual's life and time coming and going with "your" and "mine" lives side by side.

Auf dem damaligen Todesstreifen (Berlin Mauer) heute (2014–2019)

On what was then the death strip (Berlin Wall) today (2014–2019)

From an architectural point of view, I am not talking about the abstraction of "Walls," the interruption of time and existence in space, or the division of territory, but rather the difference in time and space caused by a certain kind of transmissibility. These are closely related to the concept of "capitalism" and the existential system.

Image and Sound


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This project is considered for blindness.

Project for „this is an auditory painting, not a music".