Draft 1:

- Theme Borderline

- Sub theme Territory

Video East 

02-02 Space strategy and spatial installation „N.N - Zwischenliegend“



Action and Reaction vs Action and Interaction

Video West 

Installation draft (2019–2020)

<- This draft is an idea for the performance in the installation before the corona-pandemic in 2020. Before the corona-pandemic in 2020, it was the extreme tension and tied such as in the economic war between two poles US and Russia, although the border was opened for free trade and it seemed 'Happy'.


Drawing (2019–2020)

Maquette (2020)

Performance in the installation (2020)

2021 –


As much as possible to avoid oppositional dynamism in the global economy, as well as its conflicts through the influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Artistic research: N.N-Zwischenliegen Part 3


This performance in the spatial-photographic installation has conceptualized the interaction as many as possible with the (many) audiences in an open space (in the spatial-photographic installation).
There are two versions of the interaction (parallel to the performance, East-West Videos relate to the performance) on the projection screens in the space:
- Analog
- Digital, Access via the internet (mobile, tablet, computer)

A subject in this artistic research on performance and its performativity in a site-specific visual installation (the context of this performance), that was/is on multi-modality and its creative potentiality.

Economy and its dynamism, as well as its conflicts

Artistic research for a new assemblage

Draft after 2020 March


- Covid-19 l coronavirus: Epidemiology, Pathphysiology, Diagnostics

- What happens if you get coronavirus?

- Covid and ACE-2 surface protein

From the abstract of N.N-Zwischenliegend - a progressive investigation into errors, "If the potential of the fault opened up to us, and if the error thus contributed to an “elasticity” of consciousness or the illusion of depth, I thus question the paradox of seeing in arts, which refers to the question: "Could the fault inspire us in this sense?". To answer this question, in this article I connect to the evolution of consciousness from the perspective of psychology and neuroscience. “The AST (Attention Scheme Theory) covers a lot of ground, from simple nervous systems to simulations of self and others. It provides a general framework for understanding consciousness, its many adaptive uses, and its gradual and continuing evolution.”1 At the same time, it deals with the question of experimental or digital photography today, its perfection and errors in both the world of artistic photography as well as digital culture.

1: Graziano, Michael, A New Theory Explains How Consciousness Evolved - A neuroscientist on how we came to be aware of ourselves, The Atlantic, June 2016."

A new start-up

Artistic research: Silence surrounds us, and silence around us

Artistic research: on Klänge

Environment and Ecology from the aspect of biology