Reflection Site Awareness in Music, pdf



 – recontextualizing a sensation of another place

Knut Olaf Sunde

Artistic research project conducted from October 2014 to September 2019.

Below is the reflection and a documentation of the artistic results. 


Comfort Music

Album released on MERE

Digital album booklet, 11 pages, pdf

6 min documentation video from premiere in 14 September 2015. Video: Roar Midtlien and Kim Sletbach Groustra. Video editing: Magnus Bugge


Film 4 hours, compressed stereo version of the four channel audiovisual work. Allowed for private and educational display. For public display contact Knut Olaf Sunde.

6 min video from premiere in Jakob Church 27 November 2018. Video by Millimedia / Norwegian Academy of Music.


Himdalen film, 50 min. Composer / concept / audio editing: Knut Olaf Sunde, cinematographer / video editing: Mattias Pollak. Allowed for private and educational display. For public display contact Knut Olaf Sunde or Mattias Pollak.

Production maps Himdalen, pdf

Audio files at listening post Himdalen (in Norwegian)

1. Bestrålt brensel

2. Historikk

3. Mellomlagerløsning

4. Naturens kjernereaktor

5. Nytt anlegg

6. Radioaktivitet

7. Radioaktivt avfall

8. Tidsperspektiv

9. Tilsyn

Photos from Himdalen performance 24-25. November 2018. Photos by Henrik Beck Kæmpe

Copyright©Knut Olaf Sunde 2019

Photos from Comfort Music performance 14. September 2015. Photos by Henrik Beck Kæmpe

“It sucks, don’t it... the moment you realize you don’t know shit.” 

(Antagonist Negan in TV series The Walking Dead by Frank Darabont, 

season 6, episode 16: Last Day on Earth.)

Score Comfort Music, pdf

Conductor's talking script, in Norwegian only, pdf

Score Himdalen acoustic scene, pdf

Storyboard Himdalen, pdf

Technical rider Himdalen, pdf