Choreography made out of constellations of stories from people in the audience and my personal stories.

In this piece, I knew who was coming to participate as audience and I created a personalized choreography from personal testimonies and memories from the audience. The piece has small scenes made with small objects that act as performers; then those scenes are transferred to a person that performs an index of the stories in a dance choreography.

Making an analysis about the language, I remember San Agustin saiying ... ¨ The best thing about the word "dog" is that it does not bite ¨

In this installation-performance called "Atic" I resorted to the simulation of a real event. The choreography allowed me to see the thoroughness of the facts, to examine the sufferings, to reflect on the consequences of the conflicts.

I remember that in my adolescence I read Borges saying ... "I am amazed that the sword, cruel, can be beautiful"

with this seeing, he was recognizing in himself the mysterious temptation of violence. But as a  poet, he has understood that the best place for the sword is the verse, and he has preferred to dedicate himself to writing.

like some of my colleague choreographers who come from violent environments (Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador) we still feel that attractive call of violence, but we gave space to the sword in the choreography.