Horn : Nicolas Roudier

Strings : Vojtech Jakl - 1st violin

              Michal Klas - 2nd violin

              Lucka Krajcirovicova - viola

              Michal Raitmajer - cello

Reconstruction and completion of the fragment : Anders Muskens

Audio and video editing : Luc Henrion

Special thanks : Bart van Oort, Barbara Willi, Frantisek Maly, Vaclav Luks

Recorded on November 27th 2019 in the Janacek Academy of Music, Brno.


This is an experimental recording that was made in only a couple of hours and with a minimum of preparation, on a 260 years old horn I tried the day before. I was able to gather students from the conservatory in Brno to form a string quartet. It was a daring experience and the string players and I did our best to come up with an acceptable result. The primary focus was only to hear the horn in a playing situation. There was unfortunately no time to record a cadenza.



     This is the first recording ever of a complete piece on a XVIIIth century horn. 

Mozart : Fragment of a horn concerto in E, K494a

                       On the 1760 Kerner horn