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This page gives detailed instructions on how to submit an exposition to the journal RUUKKU - studies in artistic research.


RUUKKU publishes themed issues. Please follow the issue-specific calls and deadlines at the RUUKKU website.


If you are new to the Research Catalogue, please follow registration guidelines.


If you have questions about submitting to RUUKKU journal, or about this page, please contact tero.heikkinen@uniarts.fi

1. How to submit an exposition to RUUKKU journal in Research Catalogue:

2. How to share a draft exposition privately with editors:

Ruukku 2013-2019 | ruukku.journal[at]uniarts.fi


  • Go to My Profile page in RC.
  • Choose the option "submit for publication" in the corner menu of your exposition.
  • Check "submit for unlimited publication to" and select RUUKKU as the portal.
  • Submit.

    After submission, you may not edit your exposition until it has been returned to you.




  • Go to My Profile page
  • Choose the option "share" in the corner menu of your exposition.
  • Check the box next to option "When enabled, the object is accessible to anybody that knows this link. This includes readers without an RC account."
  • Copy and store the link address to your computer.
  • Submit. Remember to keep the exposition private.
  • Send the copied link to the editors via e-mail

    You can continue working on the exposition.