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Many pages contain videos that are intended to play as soon as the page is opened. Some browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, prevent the autoplay of these videos and require a prior agreement from the user (black square popping repeatedly on the top left of the screen). In order to avoid the inconvenience of this systematic blocking, it is recommended to hyper-read this exposition on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.


The timing and the pace of the hyper-reading of this exposition depend on the strength of the internet connection. A connection that is not sufficiently powerful might manifest through delays and glitches. These technical alterations may generate interesting experiential serendipity that might directly refer to the poetics of the research itself on backstage agency; they also might alter the fluidity of the experience. Aware of the phenomenon, the author of this exhibition is interested in offering hospitality to these infrastructural interferences as non-controllable agents of alteration of his authorship, and encourages users to experience this online object under conditions of variable internet speed.


The duration of the (close) hyper-reading of this exposition might vary between fourteen hours (with an optimal speed of the internet connection) and n hours (depending on the n-variations of the speed).

Sound output is recommended.


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