This exposition presents a research ecology: a set of relationships in a closed but permeable frame and the interrelated components. These components are three aesthetic research practices, one framework for realizing a specific variety of this kind of practices and the outline of five concepts: aesthetic practices of very slow observation, aesthetic research, aesthetic cognition, aesthetic phenomenology and ecology of cognitive practices. Each component is presented acknowledging its autonomy—a condition of possibility for them to be part of an ecology. This implies, first, that there is no fixed or suggested sequence of reading, and second, that there are some repetitions—a condition for the performance of practices of re-search. Nevertheless and as the title of this exposition indicates, this ecology is inhabited by a certain directionality towards one of its components: the ecology of cognitive practices.

The design of the exposition is an attempt to find a way to present, on the given platform, a research ecology. Each term written in grey is a potential surface of touch—a possible element of relation between components of this ecology. In some cases the relationship is made explicit through a internal link. Following these links might be a way to understand the related terms more precisely. 

In the sense of the research ecology we all are a part of, your comments are very welcome: