Narratives of Imperfection was exhibited at the exhibition space SOLU in Helsinki, Finland and at ARS gallery in Tokyo, Japan, in November and December of 2019. 

Narratives of Imperfection - Exhibition


When is something worth being repaired? How does the repair transform the object and the owner of the object?

There is a ritual aspect in the work of Kin Tsugi that emphasizes process over outcome; aesthetics rather than functionality.

The emphasis lies in the amelioration of objects and situations. It is about transformative repair.

For progetto Corale, please see the work Corale Kin Tsugi. 

Chapter 1: Value, Urushi and Gold

Chapter 2: Ceramic Scar Tissue - 

healing instead of glueing

Chapter 3: Kin Tsugi gestures - durational performance

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In Ceramic Scar Tissue, the idea of amelioration is taken to the living world by introducing the concept of healing. Instead of glueing ceramics with urushi polymer, the broken pieces are united by bacteria and the growth of a “scar tissue” joins the surfaces of the fragments.