Quattro Quarti (4/4) is a collection of experimental texts in Italian language that has been published by Zona publishing after being shortlisted at Premio Nazionale Elio Pagliarani 2018. The book includes texts from various unpublished experimental writing projects I developed between 2015 and 2018. Many of these poetry texts are part of my cross-discipline art practice and specifically are related to my research on sound (I curate and produce an experimental radio broadcast about sound art and sound poetry since January 2018). Also, many of these experimental texts have been used in collective projects with artists from different disciplines.

. Nuvola di Suono is a poetry research (and could also be a generative art project) on the comments users write on music streaming platforms. I translated these comments from English to Italian. Most of the time the authors are anonymous and through these writings they reveal aspects of their lives. Altogether they shape an unplanned collective poetry that shifts from realistic narration to beautiful absurdity. Ephemeral text strings, they have been inserted in a context through a conceptual device that I also use for assemblage sculpture work. Some of these writing samples have been included in the book and also have a visual poetry expression

Two examples here

. Soggetti is a project of intuitive cinema scripts based on words that sound similarly. The plot is more focused on what our ears tend to hear rather than on what our minds would like to imply.

. other experimental texts are related to geography and seem to record the suggestions of a genius loci that inhabits each place. One of these poetry texts was included in the book and has been dedicated to the island of Ustica in the south of Italy. It has been performed a few times with jazz musicians Armando Sciommeri and Pietro Lussu.

Some poetry texts are related to my visual art practice and portray my navigation in the contemporary art scene

Some of the poetry texts in the book had previously been selected for RicercaBO 2017, the yearly laboratory on experimental writing curated by Renato Barilli, Niva Lorenzini, Gabriele PedullĂ  in Bologna, Italy.