Those we like / Those we argue about / Those we are not sure if they fit in / Those we can´t explain / Those we made in very emotional circumstances / Those who are coloured by death / Those who are ethically problematic / Those we want to share with others / Those we are not sure if we want to share with others / Those we almost had forgotten / Those we have forgotten / Those we didn’t think were interesting before a long time after they were made / Those who are uncompleted but ready to go public / Those who never will be completed / Those who started as something and ended as something else / Those who cause problems / Those we felt a desperate need to make but could not find time to do / Those who are just wobbling imaginationsThose that became a burden

I slept 9hrs solid.

Quiet night.
Electricity emotional energy.
I know that day.
And felt a bit lost.
It´s a gesture towards the impossibility of it all.
I showed my passport, and passed, like I alvways do.
All over the world.
Wherever I want to go.
It´s not about how fast you walk
....and I broke my leg.
I needed a more direct way to feel what I felt.
And where did he be forced to spend his night?
But it´s not a competition.



Without mountains I am nothing.