3.1 Design of the artistic project


3.2 Documentation of my artistic project


3.3 Electronics and poem effects

3.4 My movements practice

3.5 Meeting with the dancer

3.6 Meeting all together and create the performance


Patricia Gomes rodrigues as a dancer

Marcela Andrea León reciting the poem

Willem Van Erven Dorens in the Electronics

Julia Casañas Castellvi viola improvising


Contemporary dance1which emerged in the second half of the 20th century, is an art form and way of expressiveness that has always attracted me and awoken my curiosity. Indeed, the reason why I chose this topic is because as a classical musician, and to curiosity of exploring different fields of performances and involving other kind of methods of expression, I decided to create my own project. It is a good opportunity of knowing better this “high” art of emotional expression involving the body, where the movements of the dancer, guided by the music, and this one for the poem recited, will express the feeling of the three of us and a deeper understanding of the poem.



I always wanted to combine dance and music. The project involved the creation of a performance combining improvisation, contemporary dance, contemporary music, and electronic music. The performance was based on a poem by Guisela Lopez called Woman Inhabit by Words, in which a narrator recited the poem the dancer was dancing and I was improvising on my viola connecting with the dancer. We were constantly reacting one to the other, interpreting the feelings and ideas embedded in Guisela Lopez’s poem. In addition, another person added electronics.


The poem was at the centre of the improvised work. This project was designed to explore the effects of performing a piece which I (co-)created myself and involving improvised elements, has on my performance experience – especially my confidence and performance anxiety. I designed a concert in which I played both a traditional recital piece and also this piece, which I created myself.


I prepared and performed a traditional piece as well as my composed and improvised piece in order to compare my feelings and anxiety on stage.

The repertoire: The traditional piece I played was the Capriccio for viola solo by Henry Vieuxtemps. I chose this work because it demanded the timber and the textures I enjoy the most on the viola. In this research I documented the differences I experience playing from a written score with one where I am improvising with awareness of my feelings as well as reacting to the dancer. This concert was recorded for the purposes of this research.


I chose this poem because I feel a strong connection with the feelings the poet is expressing. It confronts us with how society responds to women. Although things are slowly changing, this message still seems an important one. I decided to express the feelings and thoughts of this poem with music, voice and dance.